India is adequately equipped with the latest technology and state-of-the-art hospitals that specialize in cancer treatment. Cancer hospitals in India offer all possible opportunities to deal with the complicated disease to overcome the problem and ensure normal life to patients.A majority of chemotherapy treatment hospitals in India offer primary care to patients and free care to almost 70 percent of the cancer patients. International patients who come to India for affordable chemotherapy treatment will find cancer treatment options combined with sophisticated treatment for patients. These hospitals offer free treatment to poor patients, thus making it quite lucrative for the countrymen.

The coveted hospitals in the country offer radiological imaging technology that uses different diagnostic techniques such as MRI, CT scan, real-time nuclear medicine scanning and PET scan. This is the sole reason why overseas patients prefer India as the most suitable destination for seeking successful chemotherapy or cancer treatments at a reasonable cost.

The best part is various types of cancer surgeries, laser surgeries and chemotherapies are conducted under the same roof for patients from anywhere in the world at the best hospitals for cancer treatment in India. The top hospitals for chemotherapy in India aim at providing greater precision, more flexible treatment, faster treatment delivery, a higher level of patient comfort and flexible treatment scheduling. It should be known that most of the treatment facilities have thyroid wing and paediatric oncology for the benefits of children.


It is a known fact that cancer treatment cost is very high in some parts of the world, as compared to India. This is the reason why patients from various parts of the globe come to India to seek affordable cancer treatment. Tin fact, the country is regarded as the most viable option for quality cancer treatment. In recent years, there has been a dramatic surge in patients coming from Mauritius, US, UK, UAE, Sri Lanka and Africa.Generally, chemotherapy treatment cost is high, so it is better that you plan your finances beforehand. However, the cost is subjected to change depending upon the dosage and typed of drugs used. It should be noted that if cancer is diagnosed at an earlier stage and at the right time, then the treatment cost is comparatively lower than what it would otherwise be in the advanced stage cancer.The type of treatment required for every patient is individual and depends upon the condition of the patient. The type of treatment approach depends on the patient’s medical history and age.

Even the chemotherapy cost in India differs from city to city. In addition, the total cost of chemotherapy in India depends on the number of investigation and diagnostic tests conducted, doctor’s fee, surgeon’s fee, room facilities, the infrastructure of hospitals, follow-up visits, and so on. Other treatment cost variability factors include the type of cancer surgery, drugs and radiation therapies.