Start meditating every day. It will help You bridge the gap between Your outer self and inner self. Once You start feeling more Complete, You automatically start being Present.

Meditation is Your opportunity to do nothing. No action, no thought, no emotion. You simply have to watch Yourself.

If Your mind is absolutely quiet even for one moment, that Counts as meditation.

If You can be watchful and alert while sleeping, then yes, that Counts as meditation.

Just like the eye of the hurricane, whose Center is always calm despite the frenzied winds around it, Your inner self too should be still and balanced irrespective of Your circumstances.

The only rule is You have to be totally involved in whatever You are doing. So for many, the easiest way is to simply to sit in a nice quiet corner and try to observe Yourself. ”

There are three steps : First, start becoming aware of Your body. Become aware of every movement. The easiest is to start with the Breath. Once You start becoming aware of it, many conscious and unconscious movements start to fade. The FOCUS ON BREATH helps You feel connected to Your body, diverting Your attention from the incessant Chatter of Your thoughts and Calming Your mind.

Secondly, become aware of Your thoughts. That’s the slippery Part, It is very easy to run away with a thought.

Thirdly, it is about watching Your feelings. This step is even more complicated than the first two, because feelings are more subtle than thoughts.

Once You are becoming aware of all these three levels, You are pretty much on, Your way.

Meditation leads to bliss. And bliss is a state of mind that goes way beyond happiness.

As You go on watching your thoughts and feelings, You start becoming more centered. Then gradually, another change begins to happen this time from within You. The things that you were watching begin to fade away as well, till You are left with a growing awareness of being watched, because watching implies a certain distance between the watcher and the watched.