Top 15 Ways to Fight Fatigue Without Caffeine

Fatigue refers to the feeling of being tired, sluggish, weak or lethargic and this feeling is often the result of an illness, underlying medical condition such as nutritional deficiency, intense physical activity or workout or lack of sleep.

Drinking a cup of coffee seems like the easiest and the most effective way to beat lethargy. People believe that caffeine gives energy, however, they must know that the energy supplied by caffeine is only temporary and last for only a few hours.

Caffeine is addicting, which has side effects of it’s own. Consuming caffeine produces a temporary high that makes people feel energetic. However, it is immediately followed by a much more depressing low phase, which triggers people to consume even more caffeine.

Excessive consumption of caffeine weakens the adrenal glands that ultimately lose their ability to respond to stressful situations, leading to even more fatigue. This is the reason why avoiding caffeine consumption is one of the primary steps in fighting fatigue.

The following are the 15 best ways to beat fatigue:

  1. Watch what you eat: An overall change in diet is the best way to recover the lost vitamins and minerals that cause fatigue. Nutritional deficiency, including lack of vitamin D, often results in fatigue. This is the reason why you should take a nutritional diet to make sure that everyday body requirements are met.
  2. Exercise regularly: Exercising helps build up oxygen levels in the blood stream, thus making you more active. Make it a routine to exercise 10 to 15 minutes every single day, however, do not indulge in strenuous physical exercises.
  3. Kick start a fresh morning: It is always good to start the day with some yoga and a glass of fresh lemon or orange juice. There is nothing better than this to wake you up fresh and prepare for the long day ahead. Follow that up with a healthy breakfast.
  4. Brighten up your day: Research suggests that bright light activates the brain and help you stay active and alert. However, choose to install a blue bulb over the red one, as the latter makes you feel more irritable.
  5. Increase fruit intake: Certain fruits are very effective in combating fatigue. For example, eating one or two bananas a day can make a big difference as bananas are rich in potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and vitamins B and C. A combination of all these nutrients keeps you energetized. Other examples include apples, watermelons and pears.
  6. Proteins matter: Include beans, soybeans, tofu, cottage cheese, eggs, chicken and fish for as a source of protein in your diet. Lack of proteins cause fatigue, lethargy and heart problems.
  7. Try something new: Embracing a new activity, such as gardening, cycling or listening to your favorite music helps keep you energized. It decreases stress and tension and gives the brain something new to do apart from the regular chores of life.
  8. Embrace nuts: Stock up on nuts. Nuts make a healthy and yummy snack, and gives a much needed energy boost. Replace that packet of chips with a handful of almonds and see the change.
  9. Cut down on fast foods: Avoid fast food and food items that are deep fried or soaked in oil. They make you feel sluggish and lazy and that makes the problem even worse.
  10. Massage your ears: According to the ancient Chinese alternative therapy called acupressure, massaging the outer rims of both the ears using the thumb and index fingers help rejuvenate the entire body.
  11. Watch what you drink: If you must have a hot beverage, opt for green tea instead of the regular coffee. Green tea is rich in antioxidants and helps reduce stress and increase energy levels. Drink plenty of water and fresh fruit juices to make sure that you stay hydrated.
  12. Sleep well: One of the biggest reasons for fatigue is lack of sleep. It makes you feel tired and without energy. Try getting a good night’s rest if you want to be active the next day. Reduce the time you spent on watching television or staring at your mobile or computer screen just before bedtime.
  13. Get treated right away: Quite often the reason for fatigue is related to some other medical condition or disease, so make a visit to the doctor to rule out any underlying medical condition.
  14. Water therapy: Take a quick shower or splash some water on your face when you feel tired and fatigued. A majority of people feel energetic after getting in contact with water.
  15. Stop controlling life: Sometimes fatigue may arise when you think too much or try to control everything in life. You should learn to let go of grudges and vent out your anger calmly to reduce the ability of such things to sap out all the energy from you.