Top 7 Warning Signs Your Body Gives About Your Health: Do You Have Any?

While some conditions may strike without any prior warning, a majority of illnesses doesn’t appear immediately. The human body is devised to send warning signals through different parts of the body that act as a warning signal and gives clues to your deteriorating health.

You need not go to a doctor to identify these warning signals. In fact, these clues can be easily identified at home and then you can decide whether it’s necessary for you to visit a doctor for a follow up.

This article examines the top 7 warning signs that your body gives about your health and the underlying conditions associated with each one of them.

 Tongue is not just about taste

 The tongue is often associated with different types of taste that the human body can identify – sour, sweet, tangy and bitter. However, the way how tongue looks in the mirror can indicate a number of things about your current state of health.

Any appearance of red and white spots, bumps, indentations, ridges, stripes and white patches on the tongue could be an indication of something serious going on in your body. It could be because of poor oral hygiene, vitamin deficiency, autoimmune disease, hypothyroidism, physical trauma or more dangerous conditions such as cancer.

Nails could be an indicator of ruining beauty

Gone are those days when nails were considered to be just the symbol of beauty. Nowadays, nails are also used to identify underlying health conditions as that texture, colour and appearance could be a key to the health status of your body.

The following are some of the health indicators related to the nails and associated conditions:

Eyes can depict more than vision

A deep look into the eyes can tell a lot about your health. For example, the formation of a yellowish-white boundary around the lens of your eye could be an indicator of high cholesterol in your body. Moreover, a regular eye exam conducted by an experienced ophthalmologist can reveal whether you are at an increased risk of diabetes, hypertension, cancer and inflammatory conditions such as ulcerative colitis, inflammatory bowel disease and Crohn’s disease.

Skin covers up health issues too

The extent of health status that skin can indicate is evident from the fact that it is the largest organ in the human body. While irritated and itchy skin prone to psoriasis and acne breakout may signify a multitude of underlying health conditions, most often these conditions are all linked to the nervous system exposed to stress.

An itchy skin could be an indication of common conditions such as allergy or more serious diseases, especially those related to the liver. Cracked skin on the corners of the lips could be an indication of vitamin B12 deficiency.

Excretion could signify a lot through bowel, urination and sweat

Be warned in case you get bowels only once a day or every alternate day. Healthy bowels happen whenever you ingest new food, so that there is space for it. In case of infrequent bowels, the toxins in the body get absorbed by the intestinal lining and reach the blood. This may, in turn, lead to inflammation.

In addition, dark coloured urine and foul-smelling sweat may signal other health problems. While dark yellow urine is a sign of dehydration induced by drinking less amount of water or consuming more caffeine-containing drinks, foul-smelling sweat could be a result of bacterial invasion.

Body shape and length variation is not good

The two most common variations of the human body include pear-shaped and apple-shaped body. While the pear-shaped body is characterized by deposition of fat around the abdomen and waist, apple-shaped body is identified by the pot or beer bellies. Out of the two, people with apple-shaped bellies are at an increased risk of heart disease.

You should also make regular assessment of your height, especially after the 50s. A decrease in height could signify bone loss and osteoporosis, thus putting you at an increased risk of hip or bone fracture.

Hands and feet are windows to actual health status

Your fingers of the hand and feet in general can also reveal a lot of things about your health. For example, the length of the fingers of a man’s hand can depict his risk of developing prostate cancer later in life. Medical research into the subject has linked an exceeding number of HOX genes in prostate cancer patients, and the same genes also play a key role in development of fingers.

Similarly, pulses in the feet can be used to assess the presence of peripheral artery disease, which may result because of a build up of plaques and cholesterol in the arteries. Doctors usually check two pulses in the feet two confirm whether the blood flow is normal or not.

Snoring could prove fatal in life

Snoring loudly could be considered as an indication of deep sleep. However, people must know that it could be an indication of something serious happening in the body – sleep apnea.

It is a sleep disorder that occurs because of an obstruction in the respiratory pathway. As a result, a person who often snores could be at an increased risk of stroke due to insufficient supply of oxygen to the brain, heart attack and even death.